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"Die Another Day" AVAILABLE NOW for download everywhere music is sold.

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An interview with Allison Red will be in the upcoming September 16th issue of FIREWORKS Magazine (UK). The issue will also feature Allison Red on a CD with several other great bands. A link to purchase a copy of the magazine will be available here on AllisonRed.com when the issue becomes available for purchase.

"Die Another Day" is the band's sophomore follow-up to their (self-titled) "ALLISON RED" release back in 2012.
Some time has passed since their debut release, but the long wait seems to have paid off.

Through a couple of line-up changes, Allison Red has maintained their signature sound

and writing, while focusing on a more polished/produced direction. "Die Another Day" has surpassed the edgy sound created in their self-titled record from songs such as Damn The Illusion, Red 313, Runaway, and Without You. "This album is gonna floor our fans and create many new ones, says band guitarist

Mark Stroface'. It's just unbelievable, the chemistry we've always had in writing together, and how as

Allison Red, we just instinctively know what is "AR", and what needs to be used elsewhere."
The band is always trying to move forward like most bands do, but refuse to stray too far from what created the
Allison Red sound and attitude! This new album is no different!

The polish is definitely there, just not completely dried yet!

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